I have hated fashion since I was old enough to notice how awkward I felt in dresses. When I RSVP’ed to a “Prom”-themed holiday work party, my familiar adolescent dread toward dress-shopping was turbo-fueled by anxiety over whether I’d end up exhibiting adolescent-level style in front of a whole company of people I respect. I turned to Anna Neimark for help, expecting she’d suggest several “fashionable” dresses in which I could at least look grown-up, even if didn’t feel like myself. Boy, am I glad I was wrong! Picking up on my analytical nature, she helped me define my requirements, and used them to painlessly rule out items that didn’t suit my style. Shopping with Anna was not just easier than any other time I have gone shopping for clothes; it was FUN! When I found a dress I liked, I suspected it wouldn’t be “fashionable” enough, but Anna chose such classy accessories, I truly felt ready for a night on the town. It would have been very easy to make someone like me feel inferior for her lack of fashion sense. Not only did Anna help me find the perfect prom dress, she made me feel empowered to be myself throughout the whole process. I can’t say enough about how much better I felt at that party, knowing I was wearing something that represented my true self.

– Katie R.

I knew I had to clean some clothes out of my closet I just didn’t know where to start.  I kept blazers from the 90’s because I might put them with jeans someday. I had shirts I was holding on to for when I went back to work and skirts that I might wear someday if I wanted to look nice.  All of which was just making me confused when trying to figure out what to wear. So, I unhappily went with my norm – jeans and a T-shirt.

Anna came in and with one question “How do you want to show up in the world?” she put things into focus for me.  With the answer to my question she started pulling items out of my closet that didn’t fit the look. This was more than the style of the clothing.  It included how clothing looked on my body type. Anna gave me great tips for clothes shopping. One that I will never forget is to make sure the back pockets on my jeans aren’t too big.  

Over 30 percent of my clothes were in a pile and it was exhilarating!  The “because I might’s” and the “holding on for’s” stayed only if they met the goal of how I wanted to show up in the world (except for a few pieces I couldn’t let go).   The winners were no longer stifled by those that didn’t make the cut. It was much easier to choose what to wear because they were now all winners!

– Amy A.

Anna is a genius! Not only does she have an amazing eye for fashion and impeccable taste, but she knows how to listen! She’s created outfits for me based on who I am and what I want to express rather than just putting me into what’s trendy. With the ease and grace of a seasoned professional, Anna can coax the signature style out of even the most reluctant fashionista. After spending an afternoon in your closet, you’ll want Anna to be your new best friend. Whether you’re fashion forward or fashion challenged, Anna will take your look to the next level!

– Patience K.

Here is the thing about Anna. Not only is she a fantastic stylist, very friendly and very knowledgeable, she can also coach you and kick your butt out of your comfort zone and into playing the part that you have been dreaming. She did that for me. I was really scared about trying some pieces and she encouraged me to live my dreams and to go for it. You get amazing value because your clothes change how you feel and your feeling change how you act. Time and money spent with Anna have an incredible value for me. But here is another cool thing about Anna – she actually SAVED me money! I loved a dress that was $300, but was hesitant about the price. I said I would definitely buy if it was under a $100. Five minutes later, Anna found me the EXACT dress online for $83.03, including tax and shipping!!! MAGIC WORKER! Definitely recommend working with her and looking forward to our future shopping trips.

– Alina Z.

Anna helped me with styling for several important job interviews. It worked great, and until today, a couple of years afterwards, I get the most compliments from the clothes Anna picked for me then. And all this was fast and easy! Anna you are the best! Too bad I no longer live in SD as I miss shopping with you.

– Tali T.

I had an amazing customer experience. Anna is a true professional and her attention to detail is unparalleled. My wardrobe is fully transformed.

– Shekeb A.

That was FUN, Anna, thank you for such a great shopping experience! Your eagle eye and vision for what will work for me was wonderful- the pre-shopping made it easy to choose. I’m excited to start expressing my signature style, and look forward to the next adventure!

– Anne P.

Thank you so much for working with me. I learned so much and you definitely opened up my eyes to see things in a new way and understand what works and what doesn’t. You are so so so amazing. 🙂 Can’t thank you enough, Anna.

– Rhinny H.

I love fashion but dressing myself can be really stressful, especially for important events. Anna came to my house and I don’t even know how she did it but we had an outfit picked out within minutes and it was so simple! She also met me at the store the next day to get some accessories and basics that I needed. She brings a calm to my fashion stress storm!

– Justina D.

I give Anna rave reviews! She is both creative and professional. I hired her to help me edit my wardrobe, upgrade my daily style, and focus my future clothing purchases. She has been a fabulous guide in each area. She took time to get to know my needs and assess how I might achieve my goals with the clothes I already had in my closet. She also help me get rid of clothes that did not fit or that I no longer wanted to wear. Most important, she saved me from continuing to buy styles that did not make the most of me. She’s great to shop with, too! She helped me try new colors and styles that I thought were not for me. To my surprise, these pieces elevated my style in ways I never imagined! I highly recommend Anna.

– Kim B.

Anna is a naturally gifted stylist. She just knows how to put together an outfit, down to shoes and accessories, whether you’re shopping for an occasion or just some new pieces. She’s fun and easy to work with and can help you choose great pieces you may not have considered on your own. Thanks to her I found an awesome vegan leather jacket that’s one of my favorite staples. Wish I could take her shopping with me all the time!

– Erin H.

– Michael M.