As a personal fashion stylist, I empower people to show up in full alignment with who they really, authentically, are, so that they can be unleashed in making their mark on the world. I quit a stable, comfortable engineering career to follow my passion and purpose, with the intention that through my work, body dysmorphia and eating disorders will one day cease to exist. Through my full range of personal styling services, I teach women how to dress the bodies they have, right now (not the someday version of their bodies), so they can feel confident in their skin and accept (and maybe even love!) themselves in all their greatness as they step into their next level. I work in conjunction with J.Hilburn (check out to provide men with beautiful custom clothing for an unparalleled fit and unshakeable confidence.
You have a mark to make on the world. Dress accordingly.


To empower people to be confident and fully self-expressed through their personal style. In a nutshell, I deliver self-love through style.


To reliably deliver what makes a real difference in not only people's wardrobes, but their lives, and in the process, leave them transformed with more power, confidence, self-expression, and self-love. My stand for people is that they start loving themselves from the outside in, so that their outward representation is a reflection of who they really are. People who are authentic to who they truly are and love themselves fully are unstoppable. With self-love and inner confidence, body dysmorphia and eating disorders will become a thing of the past.

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