Hello, and welcome! Let me tell you a little about myself and how I came to do what I do.


If you had asked me 2 years ago what I’d always wanted to do with my life but never saw as possible, I would’ve told you “something in fashion.” I have an engineering physics background and was working at an engineering company. I’d consulted friends and family on their wardrobes and provided shopping guidance for as long as I could remember, but it had never occurred to me that I could turn that into an actual—never mind lucrative—career.

Then, in December 2014, I read about a website called Keaton Row on one of my favorite blogs (Refinery29) and was intrigued by the idea of regular people signing up to virtually style women across the nation—and getting paid for it. I signed up, despite that voice in my head telling me, “What the hell are you doing? You’re an engineer!” I proceeded to style 8 clients over the next 6 months, until the site began to work with only NYC-based stylists. Defeated and resigned, I thought, “OK, guess that was too good to last. Back to reality I go.”

Right after my tenure with Keaton Row ended, in May 2015, I had a tonsillectomy, which involved a much more difficult recovery process than expected, and left me depressed and resigned about my life. I was in a career I despised, dreaded going to work in the morning, and was a total victim of my circumstances, seeing no way out of the dark tunnel I had found myself in. And I could totally see my life continuing to go that way.

But I took an unreasonable action: on a friend’s recommendation, I took a personal and professional development course called the Landmark Forum in June, and over the span of its 3.5 days, my perspective shifted 180 degrees. I saw that I no longer had to be at the whim of my circumstances and could actually create the life that I wanted. I realized that I deserved to be happy and could do whatever I wanted with my life. So I signed up for Thumbtack and took on personal shopping clients. I took the Stylist and Personal Stylist certification courses at the School of Style in LA. I shared my passion with anyone and everyone, which landed me front row at the Nolcha Shows during New York Fashion Week in September.

A year later, here I am, fully self-expressed as a bold, badass boss lady, fulfilling my stand for humanity: to help people be empowered, confident, and loving themselves from the outside in, with their outward representation a match for who they really are. After all, you have a mark to make on the world. And I’m here to ensure that you dress accordingly.

I’m feeling pretty generous, so fill out an application for a FREE 30-minute Style Revival Session with me to start your style transformation today!

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